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Blair's AFTER Death Sauce [12] Blair's DEATH Sauce Gift Pack [4] Blair's JALAPENO Death Sauce [12]
HOT Sauce with Red Habanero Chillies, Cayenne Chillies, Pepper Extract and other fresh ingredients. This sauce is so hot it comes with a warning!  5 fl oz/150 mL Mini-bottle gift pack.  Be warned - EXTREMELY hot sauces!  4 - 59mL/2oz bottles with 2 - dangling skull key chains.  8oz/226g HOT Sauce with Jalapenos, Tomatillos, garlic and other fresh ingredients topped with Blue Agave Tequila.  5 fl oz/150 mL
Blair's ORIGINAL Death Sauce [12] Blair's ULTRA Death Coffin Sauce [6] Clamato Juice Regular - Original [12]
Clamato Juice Regular - Original [12]
Our Price: €6.84 Inc VAT
HOT Sauce with red and orange Habanero Peppers, Cayenne and Chipotle.  5 fl oz/150 mL Extremely HOT Sauce with Habanero, Cayenne, Serrano and Jolokia. BE WARNED: Contains the hottest known ingredients on the planet. Use with extreme caution.  5 fl oz/150 mL Savoury tomato cocktail juice seasoned with a unique blend of spices in a plastic bottle. 946mL/32fl oz.
Clamato Juice Spicy - Original MASECA MASA Instant Corn Masa Flour [10] Progresso Black Beans [24]
Clamato Juice Spicy - Original
Our Price: €6.84 Inc VAT
Progresso Black Beans [24]
Our Price: €2.95
Clamato Picante. Savoury tomato cocktail juice seasoned with extra spice in a plastic bottle. 946mL/32fl oz.

Instant Corn Masa Flour for making Tortillas, Tamales, Sopes, Enchilladas and more! 2kg/4.4lbs

Distinct rich smoky flavour, velvety texture with a shape that holds during cooking. 425g/15oz.