I like American food but I live in Ireland...

The Founder of American Food and More Store, is an American and Irish Citizen and has lived in Ireland for more than a decade.

The idea for the business came one summer when she returned to Ireland with her family from a visit to America. As she frantically packed her luggage, making one final trip to the store to get ‘a few last minute items,’ she was confident that the family's suitcases met the airline weight restrictions and there were no liquids in sight. She did feel a little uncomfortable trying to sit with bags of pretzels and candy stuffed in her pockets but this was the family's last chance to fill up on supplies for the long, dark winter back in Ireland.

At the check-in desk, they grew impatient as she pulled out the Twizzlers, Hersheys Chocolate Kisses, Wonka Nerds and Betty Crocker White Cake Mix to find the plane tickets and passports. Does this sound familiar?

The final straw came when her daughter was stopped by security and told to hand over her Durkee Marshmallow Fluff. Not the fluff! Who would have thought that fluff was a liquid? She saw a tear in her daughter's eye as she asked for a spoon so that she could eat the fluff before she went through security. Late for their flight, they had to hand it over and sadly watch as the Fluff was thrown in the bin.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Not that this is rocket science! Nor has anything been invented. It just felt like a good idea to import American food that can’t be readily purchased in this country for everyone who lives in Ireland but likes American goodies.

So now you can relax next time you are in the states. Don’t spend those last few precious minutes at the grocery store. Don’t fill your bags with cans of Libby’s Pumpkin and French’s Fried Onions, fill them instead with the other bargains you found on your trip, the clothes, the shoes, the gadgets: Now the American Food & More Store has you covered!

Feature on americanfood.ie, as seen in the Daily Mail on Nov. 17, 2010....

Daily Mail, Nov 17, 2010