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BAKED IN BROOKLYN  - Parmesan Garlic Pita Chips 226.8g BAKED IN BROOKLYN - Honey Mustard Sticks  226.8g BAKED IN BROOKLYN - Sea Salt Pita Chips 226.8g
Classic garlic and parmesan cheese flavour.  8oz / 226.8g Baked Sesame Stick flavoured with honey mustard. 6oz/170g Baked Sea Salt Pita Chips 8oz/226.8g
BAKED IN BROOKLYN - Sesame Sticks 226.8g BAKED IN BROOKLYN - Sour Cream & Onion Pita Chips 226.8g Cheetos Crunchy Flamin' Hot (Made in the USA)
Baked Sesame Seed Sticks 8oz/226.8g Baked Pita Chips with classic Sour Cream & Onion flavour.   8oz/226.8g Hot, spicy flavour with a light and airy texture.  226.8g/8oz
Cheetos Puffs - Large (Made in the USA) Combos Cheddar Filled Pretzel Combos Pizzeria Pretzels
Combos Cheddar Filled Pretzel
Our Price: €3.75 Inc VAT
Combos Pizzeria Pretzels
Our Price: €3.75 Inc VAT
Delicious, light and airy cheese flavoured snack.  246g/8.7oz Crunchy oven baked pretzels with a creamy cheddar cheese flavoured filling. 198.5g/7oz. Crunchy oven baked pretzels with a cheese pizza flavoured filling. 368g/13oz.