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Classic Victor-style Mug - (One Mug)
Classic Victor-style Mug - (One Mug)

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This will be your new favourite mug!
  • The Classic American Diner Mug at your service.
  • Large 12oz/355mL capacity, Ivory (American white) mug.
  • The Victor Mug has it's roots in American history and is present in just about every Diner scene in every American movie ever: Seven, Moonlight, Warrior, Beautiful Boy, Heat, Baby Driver....the list goes on.
  • In 1940, the US Navy requested a sturdy mug that could withstand the turbulence of the sea while keeping hot drinks HOT. The Victor Insulation Company of New York responded with an ergonomic and cost effective design and the rest, as they say, is history. Sadly, the Victor Insulation Company ceased production of the mugs in 1987. This mug is a replica sold by a restaurant supply business in the USA to restaurants/diners throughout the country.